2018 McCormick X7.650

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X7 Series: Innovative Design for Superior Performance

Each McCormick tractor reflects the passion and dedication of those involved in designing, testing and building such a capable machine. With power ratings from 143 to 212 hp, these tractors offer the ultimate in style, technology, operator comfort and productivity. Six models in the range are all powered by new BETAPOWER 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder turbocharged engines with multi-valve technology and electronic common rail direct fuel injection system. These engines meet Tier 4i emission regulations using an advanced selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. SCR is an exhaust gas after-treatment technology that reduces exhaust emission without compromising engine performance. The X7.440 and X7.450 models feature structural 4.5L, 4-cylinder engines, while the X7.650, X7.660, X7.670 and X7.680 models are equipped with 6.7L, 6-cylinder engines housed within a rugged cast steel frame, which also helps reduce noise and vibration levels within the cab. The X7 tractors have different wheelbases that help maximize stability and maneuverability. The fully automated ‘PRO DRIVE’ transmission with 24 speeds in 6 ranges offers a 4-speed on-the-go power shift, electro-hydraulic range shifting, and a left hand steering-column power shuttle control. The transmission is controlled electronically via push buttons located on the multi-function armrest and features an Auto Power Shift (APS) function, ensuring easier operation in the field or during transport. A creeper gear set is standard for those tasks requiring slow ground speeds, such as harvesting or specialist seed bed preparation. The electro-hydraulically engaged rear PTO offers 540/540E/1000/1000E RPM PTO speeds with interchangeable flange-type shaft and the ability to modulate implement start-up. The system also incorporates PTO headland management to eliminate implement drive line damage when raising the mounted rear implement. The closed-center hydraulic system uses advanced features to deliver high efficiency and maximum reliability. A variable displacement pump provides a flow rate of up to 32.5 gpm (123 lpm) to operate all hydraulic functions and up to five rear remote valves. The electronic lift control with lower link draft sensing provides a maximum lift capacity of up to 20,500 lbs (9300 kg) and allows precise control of the implement. Also included is a Ride Control system to help protect the implement and reduce shock loads on the tractor during transport. A radar sensor is also available for operations where true ground speed is required. This can also be used in difficult ground conditions to improve traction and performance by reducing wheel slip. The front axle, either fixed or hydraulically suspended, offers a 55° steering angle for excellent maneuverability in confined spaces. The ‘PREMIERE CAB’ is a true high-tech control center designed to offer the operator a safe, functional, ergonomic environment with intuitively placed controls for maximum comfort and ease of operation. The interior features a high-quality, automotive-grade fit and finish that further enhances the operator’s comfort.

Tractor Model
  • Configurations Available: Standard, Premium
  • Rated Engine HP @ 2200 RPM HP (kW): 146 (107)
  • Max. Engine HP @ 1900 RPM HP (kW): 150 (110)
  • Max. Engine Torque @ 1400 RPM lb ft (Nm): 631 (675)
  • Torque Rise: 41%
  • Engine Type: BETAPOWER diesel engine; Tier 4i using advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology
  • Engine Size: 6.7 Liter, 6-cylinder
  • Fuel / DEF Capacity gal (liter): 85 (320) / 10 (38)
Drive Train
  • Transmission Type: Standard & Premium: 'P6 Drive' 54 x 27 power shift and power shuttle; standard 8:1 creeper; 32 mph (50 kph) capable; VT-Drive: ‘Continuously Variable Transmission’ CVT with seamless acceleration
  • Gears and Ranges P6 Drive: 5 Ranges, 6 powershift speeds; VT-Drive: 4 CVT Ranges
  • Rear Axle: Internal planetary final drives; wet disc brakes; flange with bar axle adaptors
  • Differential Lock: Front and rear fully locking differentials; electronic control; hydraulic engagement
  • 4wd Front Axle: Push button engagement, center locking differential; outboard planetary final drives; 4-wheel braking; available suspension on Premium & VT Models
Hydraulics, 3-Point Hitch, PTO
  • Implement Hydraulic System Type/Max. Flow gpm (lpm): Closed Center PFC; variable displacement pump 32.5 (123), steering pump 11.6 (44)
  • Rear Remote Valves: Standard Model: 3 valves; Premium & VT-Drive: 3 standard, 6 optional
  • Rear 3-point Hitch Type: Category 3 / 3N (narrow); electronic control
  • Rear 3-point Lift Capacity @ Hitch lb (kg): 14,000 (6300) on Standard models; 20,500 (9300) on Premium models
  • Rear PTO: 540 / 540E / 1000 / 1000E standard; electro-hydraulic engagement; rear fender controls
Operator's Area
  • Cab: Large 4-post structure; 2 doors; flat foot deck; high capacity HVAC; roofline window; available suspension on Premium & VT Models
  • Seat and Front Dash: Deluxe air suspended seat; tilt and telescopic steering wheel; hide-away instructor's seat; front dash with user interface
  • Wheelbase in (mm): 108 (2750)
  • Height Over Cab with Standard Wheels in (mm): 115 (2920)
  • Overall Length with Front Weights in (mm): 95 (2430)
  • Base Weight without Ballast lb (kg): 268 (6810)
* Manufacturers calculated estimate. ** With PowerPlus feature (boost). Boosted power is available only when certain operating conditions are met.



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
Diesel engine; Tier 4i using advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology
Rated: 146 HP (107 kW)
Rated RPM
2200 rpm


108 in. (2750 mm)
118.9 in. (3020 mm)
268 lb. (6810 kg)


Fuel Capacity
85 gal. (320 L)
Standard & Premium: 'P6 Drive' 54 x 27 power shift and power shuttle; standard 8:1 creeper; 32 mph (50 kph) capable; VT-Drive: ‘Continuously Variable Transmission’ CVT with seamless acceleration
Type: Closed Center PFC; variable displacement pump 32.5 gpm (123 lpm), steering pump 11.6 gpm (44 lpm)
Drive Type

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