2018 Great Plains YP-1625AHL-TR30" / 32 rows

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Great Plains
YP-1625AHL-TR30" / 32 rows



Liquid or Dry 16-Row Yield-Pro® Planters

Simple to operate, the 1625AHL and 1625AHD Yield-Pro® Planters from Great Plains are designed for operators who need high-capacity onboard fertilizer, either liquid or dry.

Their unique design incorporates a rugged frame with field-proven Great Plains 25 Series openers to provide the planting accuracy today’s producers need to achieve uniform emergence and higher yields. Additionally, all models feature the patented Great Plains Air-Pro® metering system.

Multiple row-spacing configurations allow producers to fine tune this planter to complement their operations, while maintaining the accuracy that has come to be expected from Great Plains.

  • 25 Series Row Unit: The 25 Series row unit utilizes ductile cast parallel arms for long-term row unit stability. 15", 4mm blades turning on 205 triple-lip seal bearings ensure long life and accurate seed depth. Blades are offset ½" to slice residue and form a perfect seed trench.
  • Telescoping Tongue: Puts the planter closer to the tractor in field position, allowing tighter turns on end rows.
  • Positive Ground Drive Fertilizer: Large diameter spring-loaded steel wheel provides positive ground contact for excellent fertilizer metering accuracy.
  • Canola Seed Disc: Canola producers will appreciate the precise singulation and spacing accuracy delivered by the canola seed disc from Great Plains. The specially-designed disc is part of our already extensive list of Air-Pro® Meter Discs for seeding corn, soybeans, milo, sunflowers, cotton, wheat, and sugar beets.
  • 380/90 R46 Tires: Provide great flotation while being narrow enough to avoid running over any planter rows on single or twin-row spacing.
  • Model Info: 16-Row Yield-Pro Liquid
  • Models: YP-1625AHL
  • Row-Spacings / No. of Row Units: TR30" / 32 rows
  • Tire Size: Main Tires 380/90R46; Gauge Wheel Tires 15-19.5 NHS
  • *H.P. Requirements (min): 165 - 340
  • Weight (lbs.): 18,800 - 22,900
  • Working Width: 40' 4" - 47' 7"
  • Transport Width: 13' 6"
  • Transport Height: 12' 6"
  • Opener Series: 25 Series
  • Opener Down Pressure: 250-500 lbs
  • Opener Travel (Up-Down): 10"
  • Opener Depth Range: 0-3.5"
  • Seed Capacity: 1.6 bu./row (twin row); 3 bu./row (single-row configurations)
  • Fertilizer Capacity: 750 - Gal. Liquid



Working Width
40 ft. 4 in. - 47 ft. 7 in.
Transport Width
13 ft. 6 in.
Transport Height
12 ft. 6 in.

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